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Captivate Bio specializes in the development and delivery of innovative cell culture tools and reliable custom media services to the research, therapeutic, and healthcare communities at an affordable price to all.

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Gain control over your stem cell cultures

Small Molecules

Captivate Bio’s portfolio of small molecules for stem cell research are powerful tools capable of self-renewal, differentiation, cellular reprogramming, and cell cryopreservation across a wide range of applications including 3D modeling as well as cancer, immunology, diabetes, neuronal, and cardiovascular research. Small molecules include BIRB796, CHIR99021, Emricasan, PD0325901, SB431542, LDN-193189, and Y27632 and more.

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Captivate Bio screenMATRIX

A simple tool to find the best environment for any cell type.

A 96-well screening plate which mimics 96 different adhesion proteins including fibronectin, vitronectin, laminin, and collagen. Discover the ideal microenvironment for your application with screenMATRIX today.


Just seed your cells and discover which coating works best.

Now available

Captivate Bio is the authorized distributor of screenMATRIX and myMATRIX brands.

screenMATRIX Fact Sheet

Check out our screenMATRIX fact sheet to find out exactly which biological ligands are responsible for your optimal cell response.

now available - screenMATRIX plates

Available to accommodate your ideal coating and plasticware.

High quality

ATMP/GRAS compliant, meets SAL of 10-3 according to standard ISO 11137-2 and 13004.


A ready-to-use, 96-well plate compatible with plate readers and high resolution imaging.