Stem Cell Research

High quality, translation-ready tools for stem cell research and cell therapy applications

The transition from stem cell research to clinical applications requires access to consistent and reliable products. High quality cell culture media, reagents and services are essential in the development of potential cell therapies.

Captivate Bio’s growing portfolio of stem cell tools and custom media services, offers powerful options for scientists in stem cell and therapeutic research.

Stem Cell Culture Media

Expansive portfolio of cell culture media for the successful isolation, culture, and differentiation of specialized cell types.

Whether you are working with stem cells for basic research, therapeutics, or emerging applications such as cultivated meat, we offer a unique portfolio of basal media and custom services focused on the basics of generating and maintaining cells across your workflow.

Captivate Bio’s growing portfolio of specialized basal stem cell media are ideal to support the growth of hPSCs, MSCs, neural and hematopoietic stem cells. General media options include DMEM, DMEM/F12, RPMI 1640, MCDB-131, CRML, MEM-NEAA, and a-MEM media. Standard and custom formats available in order to meet your requirements. Premium FBS including MSC- and ESC-qualified FBS is also available upon request.

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High Quality Small Molecules

Facilitate powerful results across applications including diabetes, neural, cardiovascular, and cancer research with small molecules.

Captivate Bio’s portfolio of small molecules for stem cell research are powerful tools capable of modulating and fine-tuning key pathways and targets within a cell. Facilitate cellular reprogramming, iPSC and MSC differentiation, or enhance the cryopreservation recovery of hESCs.

All our small molecules are rigorously tested as well as third-party validated to guarantee highest purities and chemical structure consistency. Popular small molecules include BIRB796, CHIR99021, DAPT, Forskolin, LDN193189, SB431542, and Y27632.

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Stem Cell Supplements

Stimulate a more natural biological way of growing stem cells with human platelet lysate.

Platelets play an important role in tissue repair and wound healing within the body. The growth factors and cytokines naturally found in platelet-rich plasma are contained within extracted human platelet lysate. Human platelet lysate is an effective, superior supplement for the expansion of a variety of cell types, including MSCs, ECs, iPSCs, T cells, and more.

Captivate Bio currently offers one of the largest portfolio’s of human platelet lysate products which enables unparalleled cell growth and is among one of the most cost effective and natural way of growing cells when compared to FBS and Human AB Serum. The PLTGold®, PLTMax®, and ELAREM™ products are currently available in research and GMP grades, as well as pathogen inactivated and gamma irradiated formats.

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New Biomatrix Surfaces

Chemically defined biomatrices designed to mimic adhesion proteins for the cell manufacturing of iPSC and MSCs.

Captivate Bio offers a new portfolio of a chemically defined, peptide-based, cell adhesion-promoting microenvironments offered as pre-coated cultureware. The myMATRIX™ iPSC and myMATRIX™ MSC portfolio of ready-to-use and animal component-free surfaces promote cell expansion of human iPSCs and MSCs in serum-free and xeno-free media.

The screenMATRIX™ is a 96-well screening tool, pre-coated with 96 different culture conditions, enabling researchers the ability to rapidly identify a specific and optimized matrix environment for any specific cell type. Designed for adherent cell culture.

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