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Small Molecules of Stem Cell Research

SB431542 is a highly-potent and -selective inhibitor of the TGF-β type I receptor, with specific inhibition of ALK5 (IC50 of 94 nM) and its closest relatives ALK4 and ALK7 as part of the TGF-β/Activin/Nodal pathway. SB431542 has been shown to be a highly efficient additive for inducing neural differentiation of embryonic stem cells (ESCs) in a rapid manner when combined with Noggin (Chambers, et al.), or Noggin and LDN193189 (Edri, et al.), promoting the self-renewal of primitive neuroepithelia with hLIF and CHIR99021 (Li, et al. 2011), as well as the derivation of functional neurons from human pluripotent stem cells (PSCs) (Qi, et al.). Additionally, SB431542 allows for the enhanced differentiation of PSCs into cardiomyocytes (Kattman, et al.).

Size10 mg
Molecular NameSB431542
Size10 mg
Alternative NamesSB-431542, SB 431542
Chemical NameBenzamide, 4-[4-(1,3-benzodioxol-5-yl)-5-(2-pyridinyl)-1H-imidazol-2-yl]-
Chemical FormulaC22H16N4O3
Molecular Weight384.39
CAS Number301836-41-9
PurityGreater than 95% by LCMS
Physical AppearanceYellow to pink (Solid)
TargetTGF-β Receptor
Shelf-Life≥ 2 years (powder)
ShippingRoom Temperature
StorageStore at -20°C
Quality StatementThis product is for Research Use Only and is not intended for therapeutic or diagnostic use.
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