Gentamycin Sulfate Solution

Gentamycin Sulfate Solution

RPMI 1640 Medium

RPMI 1640, without glucose, without glutamine, with phenol red
500 mL
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RPMI Medium 1640 has been specifically developed for the long-term culture of blood cells, the culture of normal and abnormal human leukocytes (e.g. neoplastic WBC's) and is now used as a general medium (with serum) for hybridoma cultures. Roswell Park Memorial Institute (RPMI) 1640 Medium has also been found suitable for a variety of mammalian cells, including HeLa, Jurkat, MCF-7, PC12, PBMC, astrocytes, and carcinomas.

This RPMI is modified as follows:

  • Phenol Red
  • Sodium Bicarbonate
  • L-Glutamine
  • Glucose
Size500 mL
Intended useMammalian cell culture, suspension cell lines, human normal and neoplastic leukocytes, including unfixed specimens for use in flow cytometry, FISH, molecular and cytogenetics tests.
Catalog Number(s)01-101-1A
Volume500 mL
GlutamineNo Glutamine
Phenol Red IndicatorPhenol Red
Storage2°C to 8°C (protect from light)
Shelf-Life12 months from date of manufacture
Shipping ConditionsAMB
Quality StatementThis product is for Research Use Only and is not intended for therapeutic or diagnostic use.
ManufacturerBiological Industries Israel Beit Haemek Ltd.
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