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A chemically defined, cell adhesion-promoting microenvironment formulated for the expansion of MSCs. Mimics adhesion proteins such as fibronectin and collagen.
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Accelerate in vitro expansion of high quality hMSCs

myMATRIX MSC is a chemically defined cell adhesion-promoting microenvironment specially formulated for the expansion of MSCs. Offered as pre-coated cultureware, myMATRIX synthetic coatings recapitulate the major functions of the natural ECM environment, making cell culture easy, robust, and biologically relevant.

myMATRIX MSC can be used in combination with a variety of dissociation reagents, media and supplements for the support of cell adhesion, rapid proliferation and high viability in serum-containing as well as serum-free culture conditions. The chemically defined nature of the myMATRIX coating qualifies it for the use in cell-based therapies, tissue engineering, drug screening, disease modeling and cell manufacturing for clinical research.

denovoMATRIX technologies are designed to enable the functional recreation of any extracellular matrix (ECM) based on any cell type or application in vitro by providing modular, biomimetic coating technology on your choice of cultureware. myMATRIX MSC is available as pre-coated plates and flasks, bulk inquiries and customization is also available to accommodate your choice of coating and plasticware.

  • Serum-free and xeno-free culture
  • Ready-to-use and easily adaptable
  • Rapid cell proliferation at high viability
  • Mimics adhesion proteins such as fibronectin and collagen
  • Characteristic phenotype and identity

Sample Data

Figure 1. Cell doubling and population comparison. Bone marrow-derived hMSC grown on myMATRIX MSC or tissue culture treated plastic in serum-containing or serum-free medium. Using myMATRIX MSC results in shorter doubling times (in hours (h), left) and higher cumulative population doublings (right).

Intended useMSCs, cell manufacturing for clinical research, tissue engineering, cell-based therapies, drug screening and disease modeling
Catalog Number(s)C0501 (6-well plate)
C0701 (T-25 flask)
C0601 (T-75 flask)
Biological TestingAll material is tested, qualified and shown to be nontoxic according to standards ISO 10993-12 and ISO10993-5
SterilityProducts meet a minimum Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) according to standard ISO 11137-2 and ISO /TS 13004
Shelf-Life12 months from date of manufacture
StorageStore at Room Temperature. Please refer to the User Guide for additional handling instructions.
ShippingRoom Temperature
Quality StatementProduct does not contain materials of animal origin.
This product is for Research Use Only and is not intended for therapeutic or diagnostic use.
How is the denovoMATRIX surface coating produced?

The coating is based on the proprietary technology of denovoMATRIX. It is a mixture of a sulfated polysaccharide and a biomimetic peptide conjugate, which mimics functional features of the cellular microenvironment.

What is the advantage of not using proteins?

Extracellular matrix proteins are commonly used to recreate important aspects of the cellular microenvironment. However, protein-based coatings are unstable and can show compositional inconsistencies between lots. They also require pre-coating steps before each use, which can result in coating variations due to different user handling.

denovoMATRIX coatings are chemically defined with high batch consistency. They are long-term stable and are delivered ready-to-use in standard cell cultureware formats.

Does myMATRIX MSC support a xeno-free culture of stem cells?

The myMATRIX MSC is chemically defined and free of any human or animal components. myMATRIX MSC enables the expansion of hMSC in xeno-free culture conditions using commercially available xeno-free media and supplements including StemPro™, NutriStem® MSC Medium, StemMACS™ Expansion Medium, as well as human platelet lysate.

What cell types can be cultured on myMATRIX MSC?

In contrast to other surface coatings, myMATRIX MSC is a biomimetic product, which has been specifically designed to support the expansion of human mesenchymal stromal cells (hMSCs). Although myMATRIX MSC has been designed for hMSCs, it may also support the attachment and proliferation of other adherent cell types.

MSCs that have been shown to adhere and proliferate on myMATRIX MSC over the course of at least 3 passages include umbilical cord-derived, adipose-derived, and bone marrow-derived MSCs.

What is the recommended seeding density for MSC on myMATRIX MSC?

A seeding density of 3.000-8.000 cells/cm2 is recommended. The cells should be sub-cultured upon reaching 80-90% confluence. Optimal seeding densities should be determined by the user since seeding densities can vary based on donor, tissue source, and medium used.

Which cell detachment solutions work with myMATRIX MSC?

myMATRIX MSC supports the use of a variety of cell detachment solutions including Dispase, Trypsin, trypsin/EDTA, TrypLE™, and Accutase. For use with hMSC, we recommend using 0.5% Trypsin/EDTA or TrypLE Express Enzyme, and keeping incubation times below 5 minutes to minimize cell stress.

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