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Captivate Bio signs Exclusive Distribution Agreement with PL BioScience across North America

Captivate Bio will supply all ELAREM™ human platelet lysate product lines for sale in the US and Canada.

June 28, 2021

Captivate Bio, a scientific cell culture solutions provider, today announced it has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with PL BioScience GmbH, a biotech company located in Aachen, Germany, to bring its portfolio of human platelet lysate to markets across North America. PL BioScience GmbH produces human-derived platelet lysate (HPL), a growth factor-rich supplement used for growing and expanding cells for applications such as cell therapy and tissue engineering. Human platelet lysate serves as a replacement for animal-derived serum, such as fetal bovine serum (FBS).

This partnership agreement will enable Captivate Bio to broaden its current portfolio of HPL with the addition of an affordable HPL for academic researchers as well as a virus-inactivated HPL, while increasing sales capacity and reach for PL BioScience in new markets. Captivate Bio will supply all ELAREM™ human platelet lysate product lines for sale in the US and Canada from its headquarters in Watertown, Massachusetts.

“We are very excited to enter into this new relationship with the team at PL BioScience. This agreement provides great upside potential for Captivate Bio and adds value for our customers with more options for HPL,” stated Tanya Potcova, Captivate Bio’s co-founder and CEO. “From day one, we felt we were a great fit together as partners, bringing complementary strengths and innovative products to benefit our customers in the cell therapy space. Now more than ever, with the increasing use of platelet lysate in cell manufacturing, having a great team and supplier network behind you is critical to success in accelerating research and discovery.”

“The optimal cell culture medium is crucial for all development stages in regenerative medicine. With our ELAREM™ HPL portfolio, we offer one solution that bridges the gap between basic research and cell therapy. Our unique position lies in offering the first affordable human platelet lysate, ELAREM™ Prime, as a starting point for researchers who are budget-sensitive and want to make the switch from FBS,” summarizes Dr. Hatim Hemeda, co-founder and CEO at PL BioScience. “We highly value Captivate Bio’s experience in the commercialization of cell culture media and we look forward to joining forces across North America. It is great to have found a strong and engaged partner with whom we share the mission to support innovative scientists in regenerative medicine.”

About PL BioScience

Founded in 2015, PL BioScience GmbH is a spin-off from RWTH Aachen University in Germany. PL BioScience develops various human-derived cell culture supplements (human platelet lysates) in different grades – as necessary for specific applications in academic research, clinical research, and stem cell therapies. PL BioScience serves research groups, biotech firms and life science companies; and aims to position itself as a leader in human platelet lysate for all phases of research and development, especially with stem cells.

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About Captivate Bio

Captivate Bio is a privately held scientific solutions provider specializing in the commercialization and distribution of high-quality reagents and custom cell culture media services for the research, therapeutic, and healthcare communities. Current product offering includes transport media and viral collection kits, classical cell culture media, animal sera including FBS, small molecules, stem cell media and matrices, human platelet lysate, and custom media manufacturing services for basic research, stem cell research, cell therapy, cytogenetics, and emerging markets such as cellular agriculture.

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