What we're about

Building a great company with a focus on science, empowerment, transparency, and teamwork.

With a reputation for success, our team has led the successful development and commercialization of leading-edge technologies in stem cell research, cell therapy, regenerative medicine, and clinical research. Our team’s transparent and lets-make-it-happen approach to scientific challenges is why customers have come to trust us as one of their most reliable partners.

Who we are

Our team has spent the last several years working closely with key research and therapeutic organizations on the development and delivery of cGMP cell culture solutions critical to their work including clinically-relevant stem cell media and matrices, cell cryopreservation, and cell processing tools.

Today, we are focused on expanding that work to help solve some of the challenges exposed during COVID-19 including focusing on US-based cell culture media manufacturing as well as assisting in improving supply chain logistics to the research, therapeutic, and healthcare communities at an affordable price to all. Interested in learning more?

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What drives us

At Captivate Bio, we believe there is a better way to advance scientific discoveries. A more collective, transparent, and seamless way where scientists are driving innovation and discovery.

We're obsessively passionate about the possibilities of therapeutic technologies and in our ability to empower researchers with scientific tools to create a better world.

Growing, together.

We are always looking for the right addition to our team who believes that - Teamwork makes the dream work.

Our work is fascinating and inspiring, and definitely, not easy. Our team likes to work hard and play hard and we pride ourselves on playing a small role in many of the advancements happening in research today by providing key reagents, services, and support to scientists all over the world.

If you are interested in joining our growing team, please send your resume to: team@captivatebio.com